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With A Single Line Of  Website AI Bot Coder

ConversioBot is a software created by Simon Wood and Giri Prakash. They offer pre-made chatbots and chatbot template to create your own bot. 

  • Can Connect To Over 1500+ Apps
  • Reduce the cost of traffic
  • Performs better than any webform
  • Increasing leads, bookings, and sales

Regular Price: $99.95/Per Box

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➟ What is ConversioBot ?

ConversioBot is a software created by Simon Wood and Giri Prakash. They offer pre-made chatbots and chatbot template to create your own bot. Their goal is to turn you into a wealthy affiliate. ConversioBot also provides different features at different prices which can help you convert leads into sales faster.

➟ ConversioBot Benefits

⭐ Increasing leads, bookings, and sales:

The more your users interact with a chatbot, the more likely they are to make the purchase, and that is why a chatbot is so important. ConversioBot reviews each and every thought of the visitor and does everything in its power to ensure that the product or service is converted, sold, or booked. It works extremely smoothly and is very cooperative.

⭐ Performs better than any webform:

The ConversioBot templates make it easy for you to obtain information regarding the clients, including the name, email, and phone number. This data can later be stored in funnels and used to send great offers to these visitors.

In this tool, one can easily rely on several templates that cover different niches in order to get client information.

⭐ Provide 24/7 customer service:

The ConversioBot can respond to the customers throughout the day, whereas technically you cannot!

With the help of this tool, you can maintain customer satisfaction throughout the day if you have visitors from various countries, or if anyone is experiencing issues at night.

⭐ Reduce the cost of traffic:

You will now achieve a significantly higher return on investment from the visitors since they are going to convert really well. Rather than spending on traffic now, you can focus on answering questions on the site that would motivate someone to make the purchase.

⭐ Can Connect To Over 1500+ Apps:

Simply connect to whichever app you want, without requiring any coding knowledge. ConversioBot connects to more than 1500 apps and is compatible with all of them. Adding just one line of code to applications and websites is all that’s needed.  Using Zapier, it is connected to programs such as Slack and Facebook Pages as well as Google Sheets and a lot more.

⭐ Provides Lots of templates across a variety of niches:

There are a number of templates present in this chatbot that can also be customized according to your specific needs. Create more leads and convert better with their chatbot templates.

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