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Septifix tabs are oxygen-releasing septic tank treatment tablets you flush down your toilet. The tablet dissolves as it travels down the system and releases up to ten liters of oxygen.

  • Contains Unclogging Agent
  • Destroys Harmful Bacteria
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Prevent Rusting and Corrosion
  • 100% Non-toxic

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➟ What is Dentitox Pro ?

Do you find that your teeth and gums are always sensitive? Do you experience chronic gum infections, have difficulty fighting cavities, or suffer from bad breath? If any of these sound like an issue for you, then is the solution.

Dentitox is a daily topical supplement that improves the health and vitality of one's teeth and gums through natural ingredients. In addition, it can be applied directly to the teeth or gums rather than ingested orally, meaning it doesn't taste like anything.

Dentitox Pro is a mouthwash-like toothpaste that contains natural ingredients to improve the functions of the teeth and gums. It is meant to be applied directly to the teeth or gums rather than ingested orally, meaning it doesn't taste like anything, making it an excellent way to treat sensitive teeth. Dentitox Pro can also help fight cavities and bad breath, as well as keep bacteria from forming in one's mouth.

  • Reduce, then eliminate noxious odors (the smell) extremely fast – in just three to five days!
  • Break down and eliminate all organic sludge from septic tanks, including natural oils, grease and organic hydrocarbons.
  • Destroy all the bad anaerobic bacteria like e-coli or salmonella and other harmful pathogens which are usually found in septic tanks and can cause many health problems to your family.
  • Prevent back-ups, and clogs, and all other associated problems in septic tank systems, including corrosion.
  • Reduce, and in many cases, eliminate the need to have your septic tank pumped!

By using SEPTIFIX you will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year, because your plumbing will run smoothly and you won’t have to worry about calling the pumpers or a plumber for a fix!

Plus, you’ll help protect the environment, because all the water that goes out from your septic system into the environment will be 100% clean and free of chemicals and pollutants.

➟ How Fast Septifix Has Cleaned These 2 Septic Tanks !

➟ What Real Customer Saying About Septifix

➟ Why Your Septic Tank Causes Issues?

As we all know that a septic tank is a key component of the sewage system. It helps to decompose and break down wastes. However, over time, due to the build-up of sludge and scum, it can become clogged. This can lead to backups and other issues.

There are many reasons for septic tank issues. Some of the common reasons are:

⭐ Infrequent Usage:

If you have a septic tank and you don’t use it frequently, the waste can build up and cause problems. It is important to use your septic tank on a regular basis to prevent this from happening.

⭐ Too Much Water:

When there is too much water going into the septic tank, it can’t handle it and this can lead to problems.

⭐ Use of Chemicals:

If you use harsh chemicals, they can kill the bacteria in the septic tank that help to break down the waste. This can lead to a build-up of waste and eventually cause issues.

⭐ Use of Non-Biodegradable Products:

If you use products that are not biodegradable, they can’t be broken down by the bacteria in the septic tank. This can lead to a build-up of waste and eventually cause issues.

⭐ Clogged Pipes:

If your pipes are clogged, they can cause water to back up into the septic tank. This can lead to a build-up of waste and eventually cause issues.

Septifix is an excellent solution for those who are facing septic tank issues. It is very easy to use and it is very affordable. Septifix contains 14 strains of bacteria and enzymes that are specifically chosen for their ability to break down waste quickly. This action restores your septic tank to its optimal performance.

➟ Is It Really Good For Your Septic Tank?

Septifix tablets are a unique and effective way of maintaining your septic tank. Septifix contains naturally occurring bacteria that help break down solid waste in septic tanks. These tablets are so easy to use; simply drop one tablet into your toilet and flush it away.

The Septifix bacteria will then go to work breaking down solid waste in your septic tank. Using these small tabs is safe for both humans and animals and will not harm your septic system.
The tablets are an easy and effective way to keep your septic tank clean and working properly.

Septifix is a revolutionary Septic system cleaner that helps to break down and liquefy solid waste in septic systems. It contains a unique blend of live bacteria and enzymes, specifically designed to degrade organic matter. They’re safe for all septic system components, including pipes, pumps, and leach fields.

As well, it is easy to use; simply drop one tablet into your toilet each month and flush. Septifix is also available in a convenient powder form. Septic system professionals recommend Septifix as the most effective way to maintain a healthy septic system.

➟ Who Created Septifix?

Richard V., who runs a plumbing firm with roughly 200 employees, created the Septifix. His company thrived in nine different states around the United States, and one of his services was cleaning.He was doing business in 9 states, making huge profits helping septic tank owners with cleaning, pumping, installing, repairs and maintenance of their septic tanks.

But after seeing that so many of his clients were spending even over $10,000 to have their septic tank system repaired... because of bad maintenance...
He decided to do something and help his clients prevent problems in their septic tank systems!

Especially since Richard hated the stench that was created each time his clients had their septic tank pumped...

He wanted Americans to have a less expensive option for keeping their septic systems clean since he recognizes the high cost of this type of service.
This is why he began working with 14 scientists to research and refine a formula over a three-year period.

This mixture is designed to reduce odors and make cleaning your septic tank simple. Septifix was created after a series of testing and studies. It is the first known oxygen-releasing bacterium to be put in septic tanks.

So, in partnership with a prestigious university, he hired a team of 14 scientists who worked daily for over 3 years to develop the formula behind our SEPTIFIX tablets...

With an investment of over $1.5 millions in research, their hard work finally paid off and they were able to create....

➟ How Does Septifix Works?

One 55g Septifix tablet has fourteen strains. The Septifix tablet has ten billion strains of bacteria per gram. Septifix will keep your septic tank cleaner for longer periods of time.

⭐ Dropping Your Tablet:

It slowly dissolves after being flushed in the septic tank. It releases sodium bicarbonate as well as oxygen while it dissolves. After the complete dissolution of one Septifix tablet, up to ten liters are released of oxygen.

⭐ pH Balance:

After the tablet is dispersed, the oxygen is distributed evenly throughout the tank. As a buffer, sodium bicarbonate is also used. It neutralizes the pH in the tank.

⭐ Removal of Odour:

The tablet’s oxygen reacts with the tank’s waste products. The tank’s foul odor is slowly reduced by this reaction. This third step is required to get rid of the foul odor. It takes approximately three to five days.

⭐ Cleaning of The Tank

Septifix tablet reduces foul odor. It can also clean the tank. Because there is too much oxygen, the harmful anaerobic bacteria cannot survive. The disease-causing organisms also get killed. This will make many health problems in your family disappear.

➟ What Can You Expect From Septifix?

The use of Septifix is simple and effective. The tablets slowly dissolve when they enter the septic tank. This releases sodium carbonate and oxygen, up to 10 liters per tablet.

Your septic tank will be sprayed with oxygen in the form of small bubbles. The sodium carbonate buffers the water and brings it to a neutral pH. Instantly, the oxygen released reacts with the waste materials in your septic tanks and reduces, then gradually removes the smell in 3 to 5 days.

Our Certificate cards contain live bacteria that feeds on any debris in your septic tanks, such as toilet paper, oils and grease. This keeps your tank clean and reduces or eliminates the need to pump it.

You will no longer need to call costly pumps, which can save you hundreds of dollars each year. Certificate tablets prevent corrosion of pipes and tubes, as well as pumps and valves, by neutralizing naturally occurring acid in wastewater. They also remove any blockages in your septic tank.

SEPTIFIX tablets also prevent corrosion of pipes, tubes, pumps, valves, by neutralizing the acids that occur naturally in wastewater. Plus they eliminate all clogs that occur inside your septic tank, so you can be worry free knowing that you'll never have back-ups as your septic system is running smoothly!

SEPTIFIX contain  no harsh chemicals, require no special handling and are non-toxic and 100% safe to use, and are manufactured in our premium facility here in US, so rest assured that you'll get a premium quality product!

Septifix will quickly solve all your problems with your septic tanks. This system saves you money every year and you’ll be amazed at the tank’s condition.

➟ How SEPTIFIX FIXES All Your Septic Tank Issues ?

“I started using Septifix tabs after I saw the wonders it did at my brother’s house.

My septic tank was failing and the stench around it was so unbearable, that I was ashamed to welcome guests even though we have such a beautiful garden surrounded by trees…

Even my grandkids hated to come visit as my daughter – their mom – was not allowing them to play near the septic tank because she was afraid they could get sick.

And since the cost of a repair was just not an option, I bought 2 boxes of Septifix tabs… Enough to last for a year!

I followed the directions… and took into consideration the size of my septic tank, so I started with 3 tabs down my toilet!

After 3 days only, the smell was gone! The standing water over the cover of the septic tank was gone in about 5 days.

Now, one tab of Septifix per month makes my septic tank work perfectly and my grandkids can now play through my whole garden!

I am very happy and grateful as a septic tank repair would have cost me thousands of dollars!”

John C. Los Angeles, CA

“After building our house far away from sewers, we had to learn how to deal with a septic system.

We were using bleach and other similar products, so when we finally had the tank pumped, we were told there were a LOT of solids and even clogs through the system…

And that we needed to do a septic tank treatment before they came back in about six months.

Thanks God they also told us about Septifix!

And after a 3 tabs start, we continued with one tab down the toilet monthly, and we stopped using bleach products.

When the septic service company came back, they were really impressed with the condition of the tank and told us that pumping was not needed…

We will definitely continue to use Septifix!

Paying a little for it is well worth the savings we’ll realize by having the tank pumped less often.

Not to mention the fact that Septifix is helping us avoid more significant performance problems with our septic system.”

Kathy M, Stowe, Vermont

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